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FERN's latest track 'Alone' is heartfelt and hauntingly beautiful.

FERN is a musical mastermind based in Northern Virginia. Music produced by the artist is heavily inspired by Jack White, Cage the Elephant, the Black Keys, Superheaven, Delta Sleep, etc.

black t-shirt, FERN

"Alone" is made in collaboration with Tyler Schaffer (bassist), Alan Calpo (drummer), & Jes Schauber, who has provided the enchanting interlude to this track. It's a powerful and emotional song which speaks of loneliness and the desire for connection. The lyrics portray how people can feel alone even when surrounded by a crowd but we as humans need to realize that we always have someone who supports us. Finding comfort in that realization is the key to battling loneliness. With FERN as a guitarist and vocalist, this track has all the aspects for a perfect rock song - pulsating energetic beats, chilling punk screams and emotionally charged vocals. From the soft guitar riffs in the beginning to the very last note, this song is perfection.

Dive into the tune here -


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