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Explore loving, losing & rediscovering yourself with "Our Last Goodbye" by Marty Rafo & Coke Beats.

Irish musician
Marty Rafo

Marty Rafo is a Northern Irish artist featured in 50+ media publications for his past college, club, and festival tours. In addition to that, according to Marty, some highlights have been hanging out with Bono and The Edge, meeting Jimmy Page and meeting the man who inspired him to be a guitarist, Mr. Noel Gallagher.

Irish-Italian DJ
Coke Beats

"Our Last Goodbye" is an exciting electronic number with dynamic synths and heart-touching lyrics. Marty's vocals feel deep, which makes the lyrics relatable to people who have been through a breakup. The song talks about people in love breaking up, later reminiscing about the past and eventually finding self-love. Irish-Italian DJ and Producer turned this love song into a perfect dance track for clubbing. It's catchy, and it hits deep. Listen to it right now!

Dive into the tune here -


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