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EVVA Drops her Debut Single 'Chasing': Join the Movement to Own Your Story!

Updated: Jun 25

Rising star EVVA from the UK makes a powerful entrance with her debut single 'Chasing.'

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'Chasing' charms its audience with the ultimate message of taking control back into one's life and becoming their own hype person. EVVA declares her freedom from a toxic relationship, setting her own rules in life with lines like, “Not gonna chase you anymore, won’t even miss you when I’m out on my own.” The lyrics are wrapped in a catchy, feel-good bop that resonates with listeners who celebrate living authentically.

The production showcases a polished mix of pulsing synths and a driving bassline that hits just right with EVVA’s hypnotic vocal delivery. The chorus is particularly striking, both lyrically and instrumentally, with an unapologetic energy that turns heartbreak into a declaration of taking control back into her life. The repetition of "Eye to eye, devil roll the dice" underscores the song's theme of flipping the script, leveling up, and owning her narrative.

EVVA's debut single is a promising start, positioning her as a fresh voice in the pop scene.

'Chasing' is not just a song but a statement, marking EVVA as an artist to watch.

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