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Every Rock fan NEEDS to have this Kings in Yellow banger in their Playlist!

Kings in Yellow

Founded by Kyle McDonough and Nick Vining in the gritty city of Kingston, New York Kings in Yellow is a rock outfit that believes in the transformative power of music. Together with the other members, Mickie and Garin, Kings in Yellow is here to bring out the best of rock. In their search for their unique sound, The Kings in Yellow take inspiration from bands such as The Pixies, The Smiths, and U2. They've got us addicted to their latest hit

The Chelsea, At Night!

The composition is not shy in showing its gritty and hard nature as we begin with the fast-paced bassline that is intricately adorned by the guitar work. The drums are simple yet on point, laying down the foundation for everything to fall into place. The vocals are psychedelic and dreamy singing about the city that's in ruins. Every rock enthusiast should lend this their ear!!

Dive into the Tune here -


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