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Ever gotten hooked on the blues? You will with "In The Nights" by Deuce Denninger!!

Updated: May 3

Deuce Denninger
Deuce rocking it out on his Strat!!

Influenced by the likes of ZZ Top, Johnny Winter, and The Black Crowes, Deuce Denninger is all about the blues and we love it!! Rising from Southeast Missouri, near the very heart of the blues, Deuce got that nasty rhythm in him. He perfected his craft right at the banks of the Mississippi River, where the boogie runs in the water. Along with his band, he is all set to release his full-length album "Rock $ Roll, Country Women, and Blues". To give us a taste of the album here's

"In The Nights"!

They got that signature Fender Tweed cranking right from the get-go, getting you all warmed up and fuzzy for the nasty they 'bout to lay down. The track is laid back with that bass and drums rolling off your ears. And my god that solo! It's the cherry on top! Come on man, give this a Spin already!!

Dive into the Tune here -


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