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"Dreams" - a folkloric rendition of Fleetwood Mac's iconic song by "Nick Cody & the Heartache."

Nick Cody, Dave Bowie, Harry Orme, Towse, Rich Ferdi,  Corwin Zekley .
Nick Cody & the Heartache

UK-based band Nick Cody & the Heartache have an Americana-folk vibe to their music. The band consists of Nick Cody (vocalist & guitarist), Dave Bowie (bassist), Harry Orme (guitarist), Towse (vocalist & kays player), Rich Ferdi (percussion player), and Corwin Zekley (violinist).

Their latest track is a rendition of sorts of the well-known song "Dreams" by "Fleetwood Mac". The symphonies and the easy flow between Cody and his musicians are this track's strength. The acoustics don't overpower the music or lyrics. Nick Cody's heartfelt vocalization is beautiful, but Towse's voice stole my heart. The harmonizing of the lines "Thunder only happens when it's raining" is pure magic!

The band has honored the original song well while maintaining their originality. It's worth listening to!

Dive into the tune here -


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