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"Don't Hold The Line" by Daniel de Boer - a beautifully delicate yet woeful ballad.

Daniel de Boer

The creator of this emotionally charged composition - Daniel de Boer, is a Dutch singer-songwriter and bassist who composes music known as world pop. His music is a blend of various cultures and styles.

The track commences with gentle piano chords, and then Daniel's soft yet heart-touching vocals come in. The cello piece at 4 minutes and 10 seconds mark is magical. With profoundly deep lyrics, the ethereal vocals of Daniel, and sombre music, this track will surely make your heart clench. The simplistic nature of it is what makes this song a masterpiece. It compels you to sit and feel every emotion the artist wished to convey. "Don't Hold The Line" truly showcases the immense musical competence of de Boer. Please do listen to it.

Dive into the tune here -


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