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Discover Self-Love with The Storeys' Debut Track, 'Self Love Affair'

The Storeys, a husband-and-wife duo from Northampton, UK, deliver a compelling debut with

'Self Love Affair,' blending synth-pop and alternative influences with an 80s indie pop-rock vibe.

Hoodie, Aviators, Glasses, Shades, Blue, Tie Dye, Redhead, Woman, Man, Singer, Artist, Musician, Brunette, Tree
The Storeys'

The track is an honest reflection on life's journey, a universal search for self-love. The lyrics offer a genuine journey into personal growth, encouraging listeners to embrace imperfections and acknowledge their strengths. The upbeat tempo and infectious tune of the track fit the narrative, creating a space for the listeners to connect with it on a personal level.

The Storeys' fusion of genres and relatable lyrics make this debut a promising chapter in their evolving narrative. Balancing between today's pop and a bit of the 80s vibe, their unique potential leaves an indelible mark, hinting at a bright journey ahead.

'Self Love Affair' by The Storeys' is an invitation to find out who you are

and appreciate that version of yourself.

Dive into the tune here -


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