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'Denial' - My Satellite's latest dance hit will transport you to the groove land!

My Satellite is a Los Angeles-based group formed by Bryan Stage

in 2009 well-known for their Indie hits.

Man, Woman, Blonde, Fur, Jacket, Jeans, White, Black, Glasses, Sunglasses, Shades, Bald, Musician, Artist, Singer, Green, Park, Fence
My Satellite

The group has made a name for themselves with their intoxicating melodies. Their songs surely leave you spellbound. My Satellite's album 'PERSON' has earned over 300k plays on Spotify over the past 6 months.

'Denial' portrays a tale of a tiff between lovers, and one convinces the other to let go of the anger to have a fun night. The lyrics paint the picture of a moment in any given relationship with ease and honesty. The captivating vocals meet the smooth music to make you sway from the get-go.

The track is the perfect blend of 70s funk music, 80s synth-pop, and a contemporary indie vibe which gives it a classic old-school vibe. The music is by Bryan Stage, and Andy Marshall, with Dan Grimes on drums.

'Denial' is relatable, catchy, and has energetic beats that make you groove.

Dive into the tune here -

Check out our playlist here -


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