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Seeking Answers with Terry K 3TL's Single, "I Gotta Know"

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

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Terry Kozachenko's tales have been presented as Terry K 3TL, established in 2017. His album "Take A Little Ride" gained lots of attention and was even nominated for awards, like the Niagara Music Awards 2019 Album of the Year. This time Terry teams up with Al Bonhomme (guitar) and Steve Brewster (drums) to deliver a soul stirring experience.

Terry's newest track, 'I Gotta Know' is a revelation to the raw vulnerability of a love-struck individual. From the lyrical perspective, you ride through a vivid spectrum of emotions, evoking relatable sentiments of uncertainty and desire. The repetitive chorus, "I gotta know," serves as a fervent plea for assurance, transforming doubts into a quest for truth. "I Gotta Know" explores emotions. The song is somewhat like a conversation about love and truth. It's about wanting to know for sure how someone feels. The solid drumming and soothing guitar blend evokes a sense of mutual comfort, enhancing its impact.

Dive into the tune here.


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