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"Cindy" - Jeremy Zucker's commentary on love's alluring nature.

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Grass, black jacket, tie.
Jeremy Zucker

Jeremy Zucker is a multi-platinum certified American singer-songwriter. Born and brought up in New Jersey, the artist grew up in a musical background. Zucker and his two older brothers made music in their bedroom and joined a band named the "Foreshadows". His first job was as a snowboard instructor before he began publishing his own music. Best known for his songs "Comethru", "You Were Good to Me", and "All the Kids Are Depressed", Zucker's first song was about his brother's fear of heights.

"Cindy" was first played live by Jeremy in 2022, and it has released a year later on 9th June 2023 as a part of the album "is nothing sacred?" The album and the song provide us with a closer look into the artist's thoughts on love, life, his inner world and his outlook on the world outside. The rich, simple lyrics paint the picture of Zucker opening up to love and being lured in by it. What I like the most about Jeremy Zucker's music is that it inclines towards conversational lyricism and a simplistic, soothing background score. The score of "Cindy" is playful and calm. The artist's enthralling voice and the balance he holds on the notes add to the musical experience.

Dive into the tune here-


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