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Chris St John's 'With You': Notes of Love, Chapters of Life and A Rollercoaster of Emotion in Every Track

Chris St John's latest EP, 'With You,' is an exceptional journey through the various landscapes of life, love, and family.

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Chris St John

The Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter takes us on a nostalgic ride with the title track,

'With You.' This song unfolds the tale of a young couple, tracing their journey from the early stages of love to the meaningful bond that time builds.

Each track is a chapter in Chris's life story, laid bare for the listeners. 'Don't Ask Me' is about the challenges faced in relationships, adding a layer of vulnerability to the album. Here, the protagonist shifts the narrative, prioritizing self-discovery over seeking something romantic, enhancing the album's thematic depth.

'When Leaves Begin To Fall' serves as a metaphorical reflection on the inevitable changes in life and relationships. Chris explores the shades of falling out of love or losing oneself within a relationship. The track speaks about the universal experience of navigating the shifting seasons of life, adding a thoughtful layer to the EP.

'Over Me' echoes the beautiful narrative of blossoming love between two individuals. The song, both lyrically and musically, paints a picture of overcoming challenges and emerging stronger, making it a stunning reflection of the timeless influence of connections.

In 'She's Gone,' Chris showcases his storytelling expertise to untangle the complexities of loss. The track delves into the universal theme of heartbreak and the slow process of healing. With delicate lyrics, Chris captures the bittersweet journey toward acceptance, offering a fulfilling conclusion to the EP.

'With You' stands as a genuine and relatable musical portrait, inviting listeners to reflect on their journeys through life, love, and the passage of time. It's not merely an EP; it's a heart-to-heart conversation set to music, an intimate sharing of experiences that stays long after the last note fades.

Dive into the tune here -


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