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"Carousel" by Paul Clare is a Musical Rollercoaster ready to take you on the ride of your life!!

Paul Clare

Paul Clare is what you call a self-made musician, learning everything bit by bit on his own, he has got it all figured out. Persuing a solo career after leaving his band, Paul Clare's music is unlike anything you would hear in these modern times. It's fresh and unique it's own way.

Hailing from London, Paul Clare has dropped his debut single "Carousel" taking us through a musical journey never witnessed before. The song will never let you get comfortable, always keeping you on the edge like a thrilling ride. It's a unique mixture of different elements that Paul put together to create something beautiful. The track takes multiple twists and turns, just when you think you figured it out, the song takes a turn in a different direction. Paul's voice expresses the craziness of the song perfectly!! Dive into the tune here -


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