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BreakTime's 'Specials' EP: A Tribute to the Past, Crafted for the Present

BreakTime is a band that blends the groovy of The Beatles and The Beach Boys with a fresh touch. They've just dropped their "Specials" EP in August 2023, and it's a bit of a musical experiment.

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Beginning with "Love And Harmony," BreakTime delves into ethereal solo sections they introduce a dreamy section filled with multiple vocal layers reminiscent of the iconic Byrds. This track demonstrates their ability to craft music that paints vivid pictures in your mind.

"You Don't See Me" showcases Douglas Lupo's string wizardry. Lupo effortlessly guides the song with a hypnotic surf-rock-inspired groove that's impossible to resist, making it a tune that practically demands finger-snapping and dancing.

One track that stood out to me from this EP is "Motor City Mama" because of its ingenious use of an authentic sample of lead guitarist Thommy Delaney revving a car engine to kickstart the Beach Boys-inspired track. This unexpected and inventive introduction immediately grabs your attention, setting the stage for what's to follow. It's a creative touch that bridges the past and present, hinting at the band's ability to blend nostalgia with innovation.

Track 4 which is "Be Mine" is an adorable confession of love in a funky way. The song has a strong reminiscence of the song 'Baby I'm Yours' by Arctic Monkeys. "Be Mine" captures the essence of the start of a romance, drawing listeners into a groove that's heartfelt. It's a charming track that sets the mood for a dance with your loved one.

The sixth track, "Octane," BreakTime showcases impressive electric guitar work accompanied by rhythmic claps and exceptional drumming. With the kind of energy it possesses, it's impossible not to sway along to this song's rhythm. You can feel the subtle hint of early 'Queen' in this track as the track is solely an instrumental artistry. The EP draws to a close with "She's The One," a song featuring intense vocal harmonies reminiscent of The Beatles. It's a strong finish to a mesmerizing EP.

Simply put, BreakTime infuses the legendary aura of The Beatles and The Beach Boys into the realm of modern pop music.

Dive into the tune here


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