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"Breaking Down The Project's Latest Rock Anthem: 'All I Ever Needed'"

Updated: May 31

The project

Originating from the sun-soaked shores of California, "The Project" supergroup emerges onto the music scene, led by the talented former "Shameless" guitarist James Davis. With their debut, they bring forth a dynamic rock presence that electrifies audiences with its raw energy and undeniable charisma with their heavy and fresh guitar work and drum n' bass that will make you move no matter what. Drawing inspiration from both classic rock influences and modern pop sensibilities, their music promises a captivating journey through melodic hooks and powerful rhythms.

They have hooked us again with their all-new rock anthem "All I Ever Needed"!

The track is mind-blowingly addictive for your ears with its on-your-face guitars and beats. The track sounds classic rock and modern at the same time. It's giving us 2000s cartoon network vibes!! You must give this a listen for the superb music and I bet you'll stay for the nostalgia it gives you!!

Dive into the Tune here -

Check out our playlist here -


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