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Bloodlin3 are going to have "No Mercy" in the Music Industry with this one!

Updated: May 29

Hailing from the American states of Texas and Kentucky, Bloodlin3 is a Hip-Hop and Rap supergroup all about stepping out of the "copy-paste" sound of modern rap and hip-hop music. The group consists of three brothers bound together by their shared love for music and rap. They have a unique sound and charm while still having a gritty attitude to their music, which is rare in today's music.

The group is an overall rebellion against today's monotonous way of songwriting and music production. They have been featured on YouTube shows such as the "PodzQuad", "Too Lit Mafia", and "DonVon" to talk about and perform their music live. They got us hooked today on their latest banger "No Mercy" from their debut album of the same name.

The song is super raw. You can feel the energy in the track from the get-go with the sawtooth synth coupled with the heavy bass. The rap flow is majestic, the beat taking elements from Lo-Fi music as well as trap vibes. This one is an absolute delight to listen to.

Dive into Tune here -


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