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Blindness & Light Nails the Acoustic-Electric Mix in their newest release, The First Light of Day.

Blindness & Light is a band solely led by Colin M. Potter who shares a deep love for 80s and 90s post-punk music and always delivers mesmerizing music.

Blue, Long Hair, Man, Smile, Teeth, Polaroid
Colin M. Potter

The band's latest track, "The First Light of Day" is an arrangement that flawlessly blends acoustic and electronic elements that mirror the emotional journey of its lyrics. The result is a gorgeous experience that lingers long after the final chord has faded away. The vocals are infused with raw passion, bringing the narrative to life and carrying the weight of the lyrics with their powerful and intense drumming. The track talks about life's tough decisions and tough grounds to mend. It all comes down to the last 60 seconds of the song where the bassist and the drummer deliver a standout performance.

"The First Day of Light" provides a glimpse of what lies ahead for this band, demonstrating their knack for touching hearts and leaving a persisting mark in today's music industry.

This track will leave you wanting more as you eagerly await the next chapter of the band's artistry.

Dive into the tune here


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