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Artist Last Laugh Takes a Satirical Spin on Romance with Catchy Single "Every Boy (Some Guy)"

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Singer posing with graffiti background

Originally from Dortmund, Germany, LAST LAUGH. moved to Berlin 4 years ago to pursue a music career. She delivers a delightful musical satire in “Every Boy (Some Guy)” a catchy yet dark exploration of her dating history with self-proclaimed indie men. With clever lyrics that dissect common attributes like painted fingernails, guitar-playing, and a love for The Smiths, the song exudes a playful mockery of these stereotypes. The track's upbeat tempo and infectious rhythm create an irresistibly danceable atmosphere, perfectly complementing the satirical narrative. In the accompanying music video, Every Boy (Some Guy) humorously embodies the indie man persona, navigating through cringe-worthy dates. Produced in Berlin, 'Last Laugh' showcases the artist's versatility, transitioning from her previous serious work to a lighthearted and entertaining piece that resonates with anyone navigating the complexities of modern dating.

Dive into the tune below :


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