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A modern love letter to the 90s pop-punk by Patrick Doval

Updated: May 3

Patrick Doval

Belonging to the sunny town of Miami, Patrick Doval is an artist who's got his roots in music for a long time. Ever since starting his musical journey in 2008, Patrick has produced 5 Albums and 21 Music Videos so far. After swearing to not make music again after the death of his musician best friend, Jesse Groo, Patrick realized the studio is his home when going through their past records for a compilation CD.

The track that's been buzzing in our heads since its release is "Back Home". Along with its fuzzed guitar and fast-paced drum work, It's a modern love letter to the 90's pop-punk era. The drum work is exceptional, as expected from Pete Parada, The ex-drummer of "The Offspring". All pop-punk fans should lend this banger their ears!!

Dive into the Tune here -


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