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1999 by Carson Ferris takes us back to the golden era of the 2000s

American pop artist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Carson Ferris hails from Provo, Utah. His first single in collaboration with Trinidad Cardona was “Be Without You”.

In his most recent release, "1999," Ferris presents a captivating pop anthem that transports you on a nostalgic journey back to the early 2000s. The song strongly elicits a more uncomplicated era, showcasing the artist's youthful spirit and deep emotional resonance. With lyrics that express a desire to have been born in a different time, Ferris's latest track is undeniably alluring and irresistible. "1999" whisks you straight back to the golden era of 2000s pop, capturing the essence of that period perfectly.

Carson Ferris passionately croons, "You claim to have been born in the wrong generation, a sentiment I'm familiar with too. It's as if old souls are drawn together, an inexplicable connection. It's beyond my control. Thus, I'm reclaiming it... I yearn to have been born in 1999." In the song, Ferris places the lyrics at the forefront, channeling a universal desire to belong to a different era. This track demonstrates Ferris’ ability as a weaver of stories and invites you to reminisce and groove with him.

Dive into the tune here :


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